As a member of the License Agreement Subcommittee of the New York City Bar Association’s Real Property Law Committee, Karl Dowden played an essential role in the creation of the Model License Agreement for Office Space and the Model License Agreement from Owner for Non-Food Retail Space. Both can be found on the New York City Bar Association’s website.


License Agreements for pop-up retail stores & food halls

Sometimes property owners may elect to license certain space instead of providing a commercial lease. License Agreements tend to have a much shorter term and is typically used for temporary use of space.

They are typically used for pop up spaces, in food halls (for the individual vendors) and to allow retail tenants the opportunity to test a location before signing to a commercial lease with a longer term. 

Karl Dowden can represent property owners and companies in connection with negotiating License Agreements for pop up spaces, food halls and retail. He has represented licensors in connection with licensing retail space throughout Manhattan and the Bronx for both pop up space and for retail as well as represented a licensee for space in the Pennsy food hall located next to Penn Station.


License Agreements for temporary office spaces

Sometimes an office tenant may find that they have too much space leased within their office and may choose to license out a portion of the extra space to help offset the cost to lease their office.

For tenants leasing office space, Karl can assist in exploring the opportunity to enter into short term occupancy agreements with other professionals to monetize unused office space.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why should a property owner hire an attorney to draft or negotiate a license agreement?

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