Karl Dowden has represented commercial landlords and tenants in hundreds of commercial leasing matters.

He represented landlords who lease retail and office space throughout the New York City metropolitan area, including negotiating leases with national and regional fast food brands in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx; with retail stores in Brooklyn, Washington Heights, Harlem and Yonkers; with supermarket chains for mall and retail space in New Jersey; and with office tenants in Long Island City, Queens, Hempstead, Long Island and Peekskill, Westchester County.

He also represented tenants leasing space to operate high end restaurants located in Manhattan and Long Island, national coffeehouse chains as well as small businesses opening new locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Further, he has represented tenants in the negotiation of office leases throughout Manhattan.

Karl Dowden also has experience representing commercial tenants looking to assign or sublease their commercial or office space as well as representing those assignees and subtenants entering into assignments and subleases.


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